Jewelry is always a woman’s most intimate friend


Yesterday morning was shot by Jing Tian and Zhang Jike’s news, and numerous push announcements made this good news. As a melon-going mass, we sent sincere blessings to everyone. After all, people’s beauty is highly provoked. One is on the field. The champion, one is the big brother of entertainment always take advantage of resources, too many people pay attention to the love of his two, and today, the famous product king and everyone to talk about King sweet and the jewels worn together when the gods!
Still very suitable! Sweets, sweet looking, fair-skinned, water-swollen eyes and thick black hair, natural beauty has always been easy to affect love and affection; then look at the sweet jewels with skill, it is not difficult to find her Reap the magic weapon of the male god!
Jewelry is always the most intimate friend of a woman. Shakespeare said: “The jewelry is silent but it can impress female hearts more than any language.” The same woman is also the best partner for jewelry. Without women’s world, jewelry will be worthless. Jewelry will only shine when worn by a woman. The woman who also wears jewels exudes brilliance from the inside out, with the brilliance of the jewels becoming even more beautiful!
Jing Tian debuted at the 2018 Spring Festival Gala, wearing a Gucci red dress with Jimmy Choo high heels, Replica Bvlgari Ring, accompanied by ball head, sweet and playful.
Jing Tian, ​​who is highly favored by the brand, has a deep affinity with jewellery. Whether attending a commercial event or cooperating with a cover magazine, Jing Jing’s jewels are based on exquisite elegance. Just like his people, he is naturally eye-catching and youthful. Luxury sparks a different kind of spark, and King Jing adds charm to her with jewels.
Jing Tianpei appeared at the scene of a commercial event. The romantic and unique cherry gold jewels were paired with elegant black irregular dress gowns. The small and exquisite jewelry with a sense of design burst into a unique charm at her ear and fingertips.

Jewelry design that is charmed by life

Replica Bvlgari Ring

The design of jewelry should be closely related to our lives. As long as it is any theme that consumers can imagine, it can actually be an important inspiration in the design concept. Therefore, looking for in-depth inspiration, we can never try to ignore it. The ultimate goal is to use the real ideas we have learned in our lives in the work of jewelry design.
Giving the jewelry vitality means that every piece of jewelry should have its own story. Yu Ching-hung and his wife have been with each other for 20 years. Apart from the nature of the last issue, it is the inspiration and inspiration that life gave him. It should be noted that every piece of design work that comes from life should be created after being given a unique charm, and it can be reversed to bring the designer and the different life understanding before.
As an industry, Replica Bvlgari jewelry has become more and more creative and has a fiercely competitive environment. This is due to the fact that jewelry has gradually shifted from the definition of luxury to the necessary decorations for life. Therefore, always grasp the current hot topics of the society, whether it is leading the trend, or being led by the trend, inevitable, are all ready to make innovations at any time.
Sometimes, the Replica Bvlgari jewellery designer is always puzzled by the fact that consumer demand has been changing and how many people are uncertain, but after playing a few days of “Travelling Frogs”, he is even more convinced that he is accompanied. Sex, with a certain sense of jewellery design presented at the moment is the mainstream trend in the future. Of course, what we have to do is definitely not just to say that we have to meet the demand for the majority of single people on the double eleventh day each year. Jewelry design, it is an artistic creation, but at the same time does not affect, this requires a slightly sensitive to the heart of life, as well as occasional creativity through a minute.
However, creativity does not fall from the sky. According to Ching Hong, as a jewellery designer, it is not only in terms of style design and production technology that he has to give new external creativity, but also should pay attention to the deeper connotation of the product and continue to develop new directions, so as to develop A broader international consumer market, and the formation of a creative design concept.

Sapphire Replica Bvlgari Ring

Replica Bvlgari Jewelry

This sapphire Replica Bvlgari ring was created by the Swiss jeweler de Grisogono at the opening of the “Paris Opera” performance season in September 2016. It rarely saw three large-size sapphires side by side, which made the deep blue color attractive. The focus of attention, sapphire’s claws and ring setting are matched with gorgeous diamond inlays, and bring out the natural colors of the main stones of sapphire.
The Replica Bvlgari ring uses Victoria’s most popular Three Stone Ring design. The main stone is a Sri Lankan sapphire with a size of 15.62ct. The side stones are 8.08ct and 8.15ct, respectively, produced in Burma and Madagascar. The main origin of sapphire. The three non-burned sapphires are all cut into pillow-shaped contours, with a uniform dark blue tone, closely fitting between adjacent stones, so that natural colors are more concentrated and full.
The designer uses a four-prong setting to hold the sapphire, and the claws are covered with twinkling small round diamonds. From the front of the sapphire, you can admire the melting frost. The ring was inlaid with 11 stepped cut diamonds, which provided excellent three-dimensionality. The angular outline echoed the pincushion sapphire.

Imitation Bulgari Pantheon Jewelry Collection

Imitation Bulgari Pantheon Jewelry CollectionIn order to celebrate the official opening of the new “Fantasy Concept Store” in Bvlgari jewelry in Rome, Imitation Bvlgari jewelry launched a new mini jewelry collection inspired by the Roman architecture of the “Pantheon” floor tiles design, the “Pantheon” It is the classical architectural jewel of the year 2000. The square tiles, round and anise stars are the inspiration sources of Bulgari. .
Rose gold bracelets and rings have a hollow structure. The designer divides the rose gold ring into small squares, each alternating with squares, circles and anise stars to create a light and delicate effect. A bracelet and ring in the center of the pattern mosaic diamonds of different sizes, and the other is a square mosaic malachite, round mosaic mother of pearl, anise star pavé diamonds, so that the rigorous geometric lines visually fuller.

Replica Bulgari love bracelet

Replica Bulgari love braceletThe replica Bvlgari love bracelet draws inspiration from the world-famous amphitheatre, the Colosseum, and truly demonstrates the creative perspective of the imitation Bulgari, challenging the essence of jewelry design. Its unique purely spiral shape symbolizes the harmonious inheritance of past, present and future – this is reflected in splendid and eternal city – and the pioneering spirit of this series.
The Bvlgari love bracelet is a unique interpretation of loyal love. Once it is published, it immediately becomes a symbol of love loved by couples.

Replica Bulgari DIVAS’ DREAM Necklace

Replica Bulgari DIVAS' DREAM NecklaceThis replica of the Bulgari DIVAS’ DREAM necklace draws inspiration from the feminine elegance and enchanting atmosphere of the Eternal City, saluting the most glamorous women with its unique Roman spirit. This feminine necklace is exquisitely elegant and feminine, showing the enchanting curves of the gorgeous and fan-shaped mosaic of the large bathing marble of Caracalla, reflecting the true essence of Italian aesthetics.
Rose gold, mother-of-pearl and pavé diamonds decorate the iconic fan-shaped mosaic motifs. The replica Bvlgari DIVAS’ DREAM necklace is unique in design, radiant and feminine.

Fake Bulgari bracelet

fake Bvlgari coil braceletThe strong graphic lines of the letters perfectly represent the simplicity and simplicity of the Tiffany T series.
The vertical structure and intrinsic power of the T word symbolizes New York’s energy and attitude. The work unites New York’s extremely courageous style and its spirit of innovation. This stylish imitation Bulgari bracelet elegantly interprets contemporary aesthetics boldly and elegantly, and at the same time represents the independent attitude of the free spirit of urban women in New York City.

Replica Bvlgari Magnificent Inspirations fine jewelry line

Replica Bvlgari Jewelry

Replica Bvlgari Jewelry unveiled the necklace in 2017’s “Magnificent Inspirations” premium jewelry collection, highlighting colorful gems. The designer uses two contrasting colored gems, such as chalcopyrite and amethyst, to create a striking visual impact. Colored gemstones, connected by tassels and buds, are bright and natural.
The main stone of this Replica Bvlgari Necklace is a light orange chalcopyrite that uses Bulgari’s unique arc cut cutout – “Takhti Cut” with a rounded silhouette, with a central, slightly raised gemstone, adorned from the side It is like a triangle. Takhti means “brick” in Hindu languages, and this way of cutting mimics the brickwork on the roofs of Indian palaces.
Beneath the main stone is a string of colorful gems fringed down by Replica Bvlgari Necklace of short gold chains, small round diamonds, sapphires and buds – fringed with fringes when the pendant swings.
The necklace is also inlaid with amethysts and manganese garnet, and the adjacent gemstone is a gold bud with round diamonds that contrasts with the rounded texture of a curved gemstone.

2018 New Replica Bvlgari Jewelry

Replica Bvlgari Jewelry

Like many people. A glamorous jewelery always makes women more attractive. How to make jewelry more attractive? Replica Bvlgari Jewelry perfect interpretation.
Replica Bvlgari Jewelry launched the pair of “Feathered Cloak” earrings inspired by the wooded rainforest in 2017’s new “Blue Book” collection – The Art of the Wild. The clever use of three-dimensional structure of the designer to create a vast rainforest space, reminiscent of the birds in the trees free shuttle soaring dynamics.
Flip to the back of earrings can be seen honeycomb mosaic inlaid base, so that the group inlaid gem mosaic structure more stable. Studs are also designed as a three-dimensional clover styling that fits in with the natural theme of The Art of the Wild.
These two Replica Bvlgari ring are made of gold and feature a full round outline composed of double gemstones – the top is semi-open in design, with small round diamonds outlining the delicate branches of trees, Diamond inlaid leaves, each leaf by the gold trim, with a bright natural vitality; through the folds of the gap you can see the circular Tsavorite substrate, bright green symbol of the lush colors in the rain forest.


Boucheron Fuzzy, the Leopard Cat1

This ring comes from Boucheron’s “Animal Collection” animal-themed jewelery line, creating a realistic Bengal Leopard Cat in the fingers. The top of the ring is the exquisitely crafted Leopard cat’s head, which are erect ears to look into the distance, dexterous and witty, leopard cat’s tail extends naturally and skillfully into the semi-open structure of the setting.
The designer builds the three-dimensional figure of a leopard cat with rose gold, the face to the tail covered with champagne and colorless diamonds, imitating the leopard cat’s natural coat color; the eye is composed of 2 marquise-shaped emerald inlay with black paint outline eyes Leopard cat’s eyes even more look; erected ears after careful polishing, reflecting the bright light; alternate use of black lacquer and diamond inlaid, so that the leopard cat markings more prominent.
In order to make the Replica Bvlgari Jewelry more comfortable and lightweight to wear, the designer hollowed out the inner wall of the ring. The hollow pattern was specially designed with irregular patterns, which matched the black markings of the leopard cat.
This bold ring symbolizes the spirit of courage and freedom, a dark green tourmaline and Fuzzy emerald eyes matched, can be described as the perfect partner for independent women.