Imitation Cartier Adiante Necklace

Imitation Cartier Adiante Necklace


  Imitation Cartier Adiante Necklace means “resonance”, highlighting the unique personality with a bright light, in particular the use of vibrant and lively designs, highlighting the power and personality of the gem with contrasting techniques or free lines. Through meticulous design and pattern layout, the work will show or fluctuate, or if the flow of rhythm and beauty. Different works are also clever echoes, creating a harmonious and unified resonance.
The necklace is made up of more than 100 fan-shaped fern leaves, each with different postures, contours and angles. The roots of the blades are inlaid with brilliant cut diamonds, and the edge of the leaf is embedded with crystal rose-cut diamonds. Growth levels and three-dimensionality.
The leaves of the fern are connected by a hinged structure made of platinum, and the stems of the fern leaves are lightly applied to the neck, and they are naturally fitted to the skin.
The designer specially designed the main drill as a detachable structure, allowing this high-quality jewelry necklace to be worn in two different ways.
In the imitation of Cartier jewelry, the design of more than 50 diamonds at the same time is very rare. This necklace boldly matches the cut diamonds with the original diamonds. The rustic and natural sheen of the original stone is the perfect complement to the cut diamonds. The designer determines the setting position of each diamond according to the color, shape and size to achieve the best vision. balance.
Flip to the back of the necklace and you can see the inlaid base independently made according to the shape of each diamond – orange and yellow diamonds with gold inlaid claws, while the green and white diamonds are paired with white gold with claws, brown diamonds and pink diamonds with roses Gold with claws. The inlaid base is specially matched with a flexible hinge structure, which naturally connects with adjacent diamonds, allowing the necklace to softly fit the neck skin.
Emphasize the power and personality of the gem with contrasting techniques or free lines. Through meticulous design and pattern layout, the work will show or fluctuate, or if the flow of rhythm and beauty. Different works are also clever echoes, creating a harmonious and unified resonance.
In the world of gems, diamonds are recognized as the king of gems. The diamonds of Class IIa diamond quality are the most exciting ones – they account for less than 2% of the world’s existing diamonds, and have an innocent rare quality and clarity.
Imitation Cartier necklace with black paint and diamond outline leaves design, round red tourmaline with convex cut red tourmaline, showing the effect of jumping in the black and white opposition. The whole necklace is like a clever musical instrument, and beat out harmonious notes.

Imitation Bulgari Diva’s Dream Bellezza Necklace

Imitation Bulgari Diva's Dream Bellezza NecklaceThis Diva’s Dream Bellezza necklace comes from the “Magnificent Inspirations” high end jewellery  Imitation  Bvlgari jewelry . It is based on the brand’s iconic “fan”. The designer embeds a triangular main stone in the hollow fan-shaped pendant, allowing the necklace to be worn with a light and swaying dynamic.

“Triangular cutting” is the most suitable “fan-shaped” cutting method in all gems. The edge of the gemstone can be seen in a slightly arched arc, just in line with the elegant contour of “fan-shaped”. The designer inlays a triangular aquamarine as the main stone in this work. The hollow fan-shaped pendant is set with diamonds and sapphire, highlighting the clear light blue color of the main stone.
Imitation  Bvlgari jewelry inspired from the rich history of Rome, each of the visual creation details, echoing the splendid art and architecture of the eternal city of hometown, presenting the unique qualities of Italy, the blue Mediterranean, the pink sunset in Rome The ancient golden era transforms the color, light and expression of the hometown into Magnificent Inspirations series.
In order to make the artwork more layered, this pendant is made of double gemstones and consists of 8 sets of intertwined tracks. The sapphire is cut using the “Calibre-Cut” arc surface. Each gemstone has a triangular, trapezoidal, rectangular shape. With independent cutting patterns, the gemstones fit tightly; the diamonds are circular cuts, which are in stark contrast to the texture of the sapphire.
The necklace section is also made up of fan-shaped links. You can see the hollow diamond design, and the chain links with amethyst and aquamarine, echoing the blue-tone fan-shaped pendants.
The inspirational fountains of Italian-style aesthetic jewelry exhibit femininity while capturing the cultural expression of luxury. This is the charm of the goddess, with the perfect craft carefully build arch design, echoing the ancient Roman temple mosaic pattern, brilliant colors like a peacock open tail, combined with sapphire, emeralds and diamonds, the perfect luxury.

Replica Bvlgari diamond ring

Replica Bvlgari Ring

Each year Bulgari will launch a new series of jewelry, the introduction of the ring is the main series. Contains a variety of. For the first time with cherry flavor design concept, designed a cherry ring. This Replica Bvlgari Ring has brought me a surprise, ideal for girls to wear.
Italian jeweler Replica Bvlgari Jewelry has just launched a new season of jewelry – Replica Bvlgari Ring series, inspired by the pink “cherry.” The main stone is a round brilliant cut diamonds, rose gold petals dotted with small diamonds. Designers use pink gold to interpret the pale pink tones of cherry blossoms. The center of a round petal holds up a diamond inlaid flower, which is concise and romantic.
The most complicated structure of the new work is a necklace composed of about 150 “cherry blossoms”, through the platinum mesh to connect the “cherry” element, the petals can see the slender platinum short chain, so necklace like lace fabric, natural paste Combines with the wearer’s skin.
The designer uses four floral elements to represent the “cherry blossom”, with a full petal outline in pink gold and a circular cut diamond pavé at the edge of the petal, creating a glittering sparkling effect.
Sakura’s flower is represented by a bright cut diamond main stone, with round cut, pincushion cut and emerald cut multiple choices. The diamond flower is crafted from 4 white gold claws, suspended above the petals, allowing more light to pass through the diamond, giving it a brighter fire.
Since 2010 Replica Bvlgari Jewelry began to launch the new series, each series is always able to launch a very big surprise, and this launch of the Replica Bvlgari Ring also brought us a surprise.