Replica Clé de Cartier Mysterious Hour watch

Replica Cartier Watch

A high-end watch is the designer’s design for many years from the design. Also need to be recognized by consumers. Replica Cartier Watch recently launched a new high-end watch will represent the most advanced technology Replica Cartier Watch. Complex structure, fine production, high-quality movement, so that this watch is more representative.
Replica Cartier Watch in 2017 Watches & Wonders launched the Clé series of high-end works ─ ─ “Clé de Cartier Mysterious Hour”, the most representative of the “mysterious pointer” complex structure into the new case design, the movement still Is launched in 2013 Caliber 9981 MC.
Dial with semi-hollow design, which can see the movement of the splint of the movement pattern, the standard is also the classic Roman numerals, 3:00 logo font will naturally extend to the crown on the sapphire. Through the sapphire crystal table back can see the full operation of the Caliber 9981 MC movement, while the back of the movement also used and the front of the different decorative pattern. Caliber 9981 MC movement consists of 158 parts, the thickness of only 4.61mm. “Mysterious pointer” sapphire glass occupies a lot of movement space, and more energy consumption, so power storage only 48 hours.
Mysterious Hour structure from Cartier early 20th century, “mysterious clock”, simply put the hour and minute hand in the two ultra-thin sapphire crystal glass, the movement led the crystal glass rotation, the formation of “hourly needle suspended in the air” effect.
Gold medal, Caliber 9981 MC manual winding movement, wobble frequency 28800 times / hour, power storage 48 hours, crocodile leather strap, Rose gold / platinum clasp, waterproof 30 meters.
This watch a total of platinum and rose gold to choose from. Waterproof 30 meters, so that the wearer even more arbitrary. Do not worry about the watch water damage.

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