Replica Cartier Watch mysterious time

Replica Cartier Watch

A good watch reflected in the movement, so many people in the choice of watches will choose a high-quality movement. Followed by the shape, good shape is always able to be recognized, after all, the shape of the watch is very important. We all know that transparent watch has always been very popular, because of his shape design is very nice and trendy. The Replica Cartier Watch has such a watch.
This is the first time that Replica Cartier Watch has made the whole movement “mysterious time” – you can see gear sets, escapement wheel and barrels are “floating” on the dial.
Another clever place is “how to send the box on the chain”, in this table, Replica Cartier Watch uses a separate crystal disc and crown chain structure connected to turn the crown to drive the crystal disc rotation Clockwork box gear, which gives the barrel to the chain.
Palladium case, diameter 43.5mm, thickness 12mm, sapphire crystal table back, 9462 MC-type movement, crocodile leather strap, platinum clasp, waterproof 30 meters. 43.5mm case made of palladium, platinum has a better anti-corrosion than corrosion.
Replica Cartier Watch uses a new movement of the movement: the movement of the assembly in the four sapphire crystal disc can be rotated – the clock in a crystal disk, minute hand, gear set and barrel in another crystal disk. With the barrel to drive the balance wheel running, with the minute hand fixed with the crystal disk also drives the entire movement, forming a 1 hour rotation of the tourbillon structure.
The design of the total movement is very representative. From the dial will be able to see the operation of the movement. This is also one of the most distinctive designs of Replica Cartier Watch. Movement of the operation can show in front, is very avant-garde, and can see the operation of high-level movement, which is Replica Cartier Watch brought us the visual impact.

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