Bvlgari Magnificent Inspirations Serpenti ring

Replica Bvlgari Ring

The ring comes from Replica Bvlgari Jewelry 2016 “Magnificent Inspirations” collection of premium jewelry, reinterpreting the classic Serpenti serpentine motifs in geometric form. Rose gold ring wide-mouth design, composed of hexagonal snake scales arrangement, emerald snake eyes and snakehead amethyst scales become the crowning touch.
Snake eyes by 2 drops of emerald mosaic, emitting a dynamic and mysterious atmosphere. The three “Caliber-Cut” arc-cut amethysts on the top of the snake head are particularly eye-catching and contrast sharply with emeralds.
Hexagonal snake scales first appeared in the 1960s – 1970 Bulgari snake bracelet, snake scales from red, green, blue and other dark enamel drawn to form a honeycomb-like bracelet wall structure.
The Replica Bvlgari ring extends the hexagonal element from the snake to the snake’s head, consisting of nearly 40 closely-fitting scales. Round cut diamonds are laid on each of the scales, glittering and glittering.

Bulgari European jewelry center

In the world jewelery arts center Valenza, the 18-month construction of the new Bulgari jewelry workshop in the recent grand opening. Compared to Bulgari brand history and the long history of gold craft, this 18 months as a fool of myself, but for Bulgari painted a thick ink.
The new Bulgari jewelery workshop consists of two buildings of different architectural styles, interpreting the essence of Bulgari eclecticity and creating a double image that inherits the classic history of the brand and boldly innovate a beautiful future. It symbolizes Bulgari The ingenious fusion of history and modernity.
This project is of extraordinary significance to Bulgari and adds an epic footnote to Bulgari’s legendary brand. The new jewelery workshop covers 14,000 square meters and plans to recruit more than 300 new employees by 2020. At present, the demand for high-end jewelery in the international market is increasing. By using this workshop, Bulgari will further tap the value inherited from the exquisite manufacturing process in Italy and perfectly display the relentless pursuit of the Roman spirit by the Bulgari brand.
Commenting on this important milestone, Jean-Christophe Babin, CEO of Bulgari, said: “Bulgari has always attached great importance to its rooted culture and endeavored to carry forward its heritage of unique craftsmanship and new great works Square is the perfect embodiment of this spirit.Italy jewelry art dominate the integration of tradition and modern, the ultimate pursuit of the United States and the depth of exquisite traditional crafts exploration, the success of the Italian jewelry and jewelry in the field of unshakeable leading position ”
The Replica Bvlgari Ring workshop is not only an industrial investment but also a cultural building. Here, the unique and exquisite Warenzun traditional gold craft and the world-renowned Bulgari jewelry manufacturing process of integration, passed out of the immeasurable value of the Italian arts and crafts, unique charm and exquisite style, inspiring, popular global.
A piece from the master of Italy to Zhen masterpiece cast Bulgari Zhuoer, free and unrestrained soul, to express the tradition of the brand heritage, interpretation of the understanding of love and bold expression. In the manufacture of Bulgari, the fine jewelry workshops in Rome, the accessories factory in Florence, the perfume studio in Lodi, the Bulgari scarves center on Lake Como and the production, development and assembly processes Switzerland Bulgari watch factory, everywhere extraordinary. As a new force, the newly-built Wallenza Workshop adds an eye-catching gem for the manufacture of Bulgari and pays tribute to the top Italian craftsmanship. In the long years, superb manual skills to create a series of rare treasures, to show the world a bright aesthetic value and excellent quality.

Replica Bvlgari spring ring

Replica Bvlgari Ring

The world famous jewelry brand Replica Bvlgari Jewelry has a hundred years of history, specializing in the production of luxury jewelry. Is a very popular global jewelry brand. Speaking Replica Bvlgari Jewelry is the most famous Replica Bvlgari Ring. Has a unique charm, is a must-have fashion ring for ladies.
Replica Bvlgari Ring spring ring, a diamond ring, the most famous is the Replica Bvlgari spring ring, a total of rose gold, gold, white gold models, is one of the most popular fashion ring. If Replica Bvlgari Jewelry is the most luxurious brand in the world, Replica Bvlgari Ring is the most luxurious ring in the world.

Replica Bvlgari Jewelry
Replica Bvlgari spring ring is designed by famous Italian designers, the shape and the spring is very similar to this ring has always been the most popular fashion ring. Whether the shape design or packaging, has a very attractive features.
Nowadays, many ladies like to buy the Replica Bvlgari Ring on the Internet. With good after-sales and fast delivery, and at a very cheap price, Replica Bvlgari Ring can be purchased for just $ 60. Whether buying on the Internet Replica Bvlgari Ring is still in the store to buy, can enjoy good service. If you are a fashion lady, then this is a ring you can not miss.

Fake Cartier Watch “Clown” theme works

French independent watch factory Cartier has just launched a new “clown” theme works – Fake Cartier Watch, inspired by Stephen King novel novel adaptation of the horror movie “clown back to the soul” (It). The watch is based on the “Joker” released in 2017, and naturally incorporates the movie clown Pennywise’s clown makeup on the dial.
Newly made in red and white main colors – white corrugated dial on behalf of the clown’s face; iconic round nose, lips and eye makeup are outlined by the red. The clown’s left or right clever design for the hour plate, minutes, pupil rotation to the corresponding position of the current time, black pupil surrounded by a layer of yellow iris, close to the film’s evil image. The clown’s mouth is “moon disc”, the red tongue represents the moon.
42mm case made of stainless steel, the thickness of 13.7mm, bezel edge engraved with Fake Cartier Watch words. The new table in particular retains the “double crown” design, just constitute the clown’s two ears – 3-point crown for the chain and school, 9 o’clock crown used to adjust the moon phase.
Equipped with Caliber K07-0 self-winding movement to ETA 2824-2 movement based on the modified, due to the complex mechanical structure, the movement of the power reserve from the original 42 hours down to 38 hours, For 28800vph. With crocodile leather strap with red suture.
Official $ 9990, limited to 27, symbol of “clown back to the soul” in the Pennywise clown every 27 years back to the United States Maine Derry town.

Replica Cartier Watch Singapore Special Edition

French watch factory Cartier has just launched a limited edition world watch – Replica Cartier Watch, especially in the 3 “home” scale on behalf of the use of Singapore’s “little red dot”; in addition to the standard white dial , Also added a salmon brown dial version.
Case made of stainless steel, diameter 39.9mm, thickness of about 10.85mm, 30 meters waterproof to meet the daily wear needs. The crown has a C mark, and the two-point button is used to quickly adjust the “local” time zone.
The outer ring of the dial is a scale circle, the center is a rotating world time zone plate, printed with 24 cities representing 24 time zones, “Singapore” is marked in red. Dial 3 is the “home” disk, through the red dot to indicate the departure time.
In addition to the classic white silver dial, the new work also introduced a salmon brown dial, this tone is commonly used in the 20th century, 30 to 40 years of the watch, with a strong retro atmosphere.
Equipped with self-produced Nomos Caliber 5201 self-winding movement, pendulum 21600vph, power storage 42 hours, through the sapphire glass crystal can see the fine polished movement and blue steel screws.
With horse leather strap, white silver dial version of limited edition 35, salmon brown dial version limited to 15.

Replica Cartier diving watch

Replica Cartier Watch

Now the market has a lot of diving watch. How to choose a suitable for their own diving watch is very important. We all know that diving watch can give us more way of life, do not worry about the watch because of water and worry about the problem. And Replica Cartier Watch there is such a watch is very suitable for us.
As the first attempt by Cartier in the field of professional diving watches, Caliber de Cartier Diver continues the 2010 Caliber de Cartier design style, waterproof depth of 300 meters, the combination of traditional appearance and practicality. Stainless steel / rose gold case, diameter 42mm, thickness 11mm, bezel coated with ADLC carbon coating, sapphire crystal table mirror, 1904 MC-type movement, inlaid with a multi-section synthetic spinel, wobble frequency 28800, power storage 48 Hour, rubber strap, stainless steel / 18K rose gold button buckle buckle, waterproof 300 meters.
For a diving watch, Calibre de Cartier Diver has been considered very thin, although equipped with thick sapphire crystal, large washers and screw-in crown and table back, case thickness of only 11mm, do not feel like wearing Heavy, its classic design style than the general diving watch is more suitable for everyday wear. In order to meet the professional level of diving function, this watch in the Caliber de Cartier on the basis of the appearance of a minor adjustment. 12 o’clock position with a large Roman numerals, hour and minute hands, second hand and time scales are Super Luminova luminous coating to ensure that the diving watch in the dark environment is still able to accurately identify. The second time zone is added to the bezel, with 120 slots on the outer edge, so that the accuracy of the adjustment is accurate to half a minute.

Replica Cartier Crash Skeleton

Replica Cartier Watch

Replica Cartier Watch launched the “Crash Skeleton” rose gold version of “Crash Skeleton Pink Gold” on SIHH this year, based on the platinum version of Crash, which was launched in 2015 at SIHH. Both the case and dial are made of rose gold The launch of the rose gold material will make this watch more dynamic. And this watch is also more suitable for men to wear.
Crash Skeleton combines the classic eye-catching Crash case and Skeleton hollow design, and is the first movement with the shape of the same Crash series of works. Hollow + sapphire crystal so that you can clearly observe the movement of the complete operation, through the 6:00 when the standard can just see the balance wheel of the ruby ​​bearings.
Blue steel sword-shaped pointer, and the crown on the arc sapphire echoes, the case size to 28cmm X 45mm, than the original version of Crash case significantly larger circle, more suitable for boys to wear. Equipped with 9618 MC manual winding movement can provide about 3 days power reserve.
Rose gold watch, size 28.15 × 45.32mm, thickness 9.62mm, sapphire crystal table mirror back, crown inlaid sapphire, hollow dial, blue steel pointer, 9818MC manual winding movement, 21 stone, wobble frequency 28800 times / hour , Power storage 72 hours, crocodile leather strap, rose gold clasp, waterproof 30 meters.

Replica Rotonde de Cartier Astrocalendaire enamel celestial calendar

Replica Cartier Watch

2017 Replica Cartier Watch launched a new Astrocalendaire watch. This watch uses Replica Cartier Watch the most advanced production process, in the production process is very representative.
This piece of Astrocalendaire is Replica Cartier Watch launched in 2015, “Rotonde de Cartier Fine Watchmaking Trilogy” one of the three sets, as a limited edition of the special feature is the use of blue enamel as a dial coloring.
Astrocalendaire is the new complex design introduced by Replica Cartier Watch in SIHH in 2014, presenting moon, day and week information through a roulette structure like a Roman amphitheater.
The biggest difference in this structure is that the movement completely controls the complex month logic through the “gear set”, unlike the traditional perpetual calendar movement that requires a lot of “leverage” and “pawl” to achieve the month date switch Greatly improve the reliability of the operation of the movement, adjust the date and more convenient.
Hours are located at 12 o’clock on the dial, with the Roman numerals, “celestial calendar” is a central 60 seconds to rotate a week of flying tourbillon.
45mm case with platinum material, the entire table thickness of 15.1mm, equipped with the Caliber 9459 MC movement can provide 50 hours power storage.
Platinum case, 45mm diameter, sapphire crystal table table back, platinum bead-shaped crown, blue enamel carved dial, rhodium-plated steel sword-shaped pointer, 9459 MC movement, 51 stone, wobble frequency 21600 times / hour , Power storage 50 hours, black crocodile leather strap, platinum clasp, waterproof 30 meters.
Complex features: Tourbillon, perpetual calendar

Replica Clé de Cartier Mysterious Hour watch

Replica Cartier Watch

A high-end watch is the designer’s design for many years from the design. Also need to be recognized by consumers. Replica Cartier Watch recently launched a new high-end watch will represent the most advanced technology Replica Cartier Watch. Complex structure, fine production, high-quality movement, so that this watch is more representative.
Replica Cartier Watch in 2017 Watches & Wonders launched the Clé series of high-end works ─ ─ “Clé de Cartier Mysterious Hour”, the most representative of the “mysterious pointer” complex structure into the new case design, the movement still Is launched in 2013 Caliber 9981 MC.
Dial with semi-hollow design, which can see the movement of the splint of the movement pattern, the standard is also the classic Roman numerals, 3:00 logo font will naturally extend to the crown on the sapphire. Through the sapphire crystal table back can see the full operation of the Caliber 9981 MC movement, while the back of the movement also used and the front of the different decorative pattern. Caliber 9981 MC movement consists of 158 parts, the thickness of only 4.61mm. “Mysterious pointer” sapphire glass occupies a lot of movement space, and more energy consumption, so power storage only 48 hours.
Mysterious Hour structure from Cartier early 20th century, “mysterious clock”, simply put the hour and minute hand in the two ultra-thin sapphire crystal glass, the movement led the crystal glass rotation, the formation of “hourly needle suspended in the air” effect.
Gold medal, Caliber 9981 MC manual winding movement, wobble frequency 28800 times / hour, power storage 48 hours, crocodile leather strap, Rose gold / platinum clasp, waterproof 30 meters.
This watch a total of platinum and rose gold to choose from. Waterproof 30 meters, so that the wearer even more arbitrary. Do not worry about the watch water damage.

Replica Cartier Hollow Watch

Replica Cartier Watch

Replica Cartier Watch is the most famous hollow watch. This series of watches with a simple style to get a lot of people recognized. Simple is often the most attractive, from the dial can see the movement of the way the movement of the entire watch can be clearly seen.
Replica Cartier Watch in recent years, Skeleton hollow table, the movement is often directly to the dial as a fixed splint, this time is no exception, you can directly through the dial to see the structure of the 9612 MC movement – 12 points and 2 points Is the barrel, 8:00 is the balance wheel, in particular, is particularly 22K gold pendulum Tuo also carried out a complete hollow, in the automatic when the chain will be more light, almost do not feel when wearing Tuo Tuo rotation.
This is the “Clé de Cartier Automatic Skeleton” published in this year SIHH, will have a very skilled hollow design into the Clé series, it is worth noting that this is also the first time Replica Cartier Watch will be automatically embedded movement into the hollow Architecture.
41mm case with 950/1000 palladium material, lighter than platinum, but also has better wear resistance, the thickness of only 11.45mm, waterproof 30 meters. Palladium watch, diameter 41mm, thickness 11.45mm, sapphire crystal glass back, hollow dial, blue steel pointer, 9621 MC self-winding movement, 28 stone, wobble frequency 28,800 times / hour, power storage 48 hours, crocodile skin Strap, platinum clasp, waterproof 30 meters.
Silver dial case to bring out the blue steel hour and minute and sapphire crown, in the color with a simple and clear beauty, crown continues the mosaic arc cutting sapphire Clé logo design.