Jewelry is always a woman’s most intimate friend


Yesterday morning was shot by Jing Tian and Zhang Jike’s news, and numerous push announcements made this good news. As a melon-going mass, we sent sincere blessings to everyone. After all, people’s beauty is highly provoked. One is on the field. The champion, one is the big brother of entertainment always take advantage of resources, too many people pay attention to the love of his two, and today, the famous product king and everyone to talk about King sweet and the jewels worn together when the gods!
Still very suitable! Sweets, sweet looking, fair-skinned, water-swollen eyes and thick black hair, natural beauty has always been easy to affect love and affection; then look at the sweet jewels with skill, it is not difficult to find her Reap the magic weapon of the male god!
Jewelry is always the most intimate friend of a woman. Shakespeare said: “The jewelry is silent but it can impress female hearts more than any language.” The same woman is also the best partner for jewelry. Without women’s world, jewelry will be worthless. Jewelry will only shine when worn by a woman. The woman who also wears jewels exudes brilliance from the inside out, with the brilliance of the jewels becoming even more beautiful!
Jing Tian debuted at the 2018 Spring Festival Gala, wearing a Gucci red dress with Jimmy Choo high heels, Replica Bvlgari Ring, accompanied by ball head, sweet and playful.
Jing Tian, ​​who is highly favored by the brand, has a deep affinity with jewellery. Whether attending a commercial event or cooperating with a cover magazine, Jing Jing’s jewels are based on exquisite elegance. Just like his people, he is naturally eye-catching and youthful. Luxury sparks a different kind of spark, and King Jing adds charm to her with jewels.
Jing Tianpei appeared at the scene of a commercial event. The romantic and unique cherry gold jewels were paired with elegant black irregular dress gowns. The small and exquisite jewelry with a sense of design burst into a unique charm at her ear and fingertips.

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